2D Animation

The world is flat!

We’ve all grown up on animations which expressed a lot through the 2D medium. In traditional cell animation, drawings are put together in a sequence, and when they are played together, it gives off the illusion of a moving film. Now there are softwares that let you create 2D animations which reduce the delivery time and also makes it easier to align the animation to the brand that is commissioning it. As a 2D animation company, we've worked on a wide array of projects including motion graphics, cell animation, explainer videos, and whiteboard animation. Contact or mail us to know more about what we can offer to your brand.

Our 2D Animation Portfolios

Our Process

Every Step Counts!

  • Script

    Building a story and writing a script is an essential part of animation. It becomes the base for our animation and sets the tonality. At this stage our endeavour is to understand the copywriters vision and how he/she is seeing it.

  • Storyboard
    It is created so that it is easy to visualize the script. It lets us estimate the assets and scenes required, which helps in the later part of the production process. It includes camera angles, primary character poses, or scene events. The team initiates the process by sketching the characters and scenes with camera angles to establish silhouettes that can translate into 2D animation.
  • Animation

    These are simplified mock-ups to better visualise the animation's motion, music tonality, and timing. Since 2D animation is a multi-step process, animatics help in visualizing the animated video before you get into the other legs of a project.

  • Rendering
    After layering and composition, the final step is to render the scene to assure quality output.