3D Animation

Adding depth to your story.

This form of animation involves the creation of characters, objects, props, and more in the 3D space. It gives the team the freedom to explore different materials, textures, camera angles, and lighting. 3D Animation makes communication memorable since it is more immersive as it can be unique to a brand and provide flexibility in storytelling. We have worked on product videos, explainer videos, and simulations. If you are looking for a 3D animation company, you are at the right place. Just drop a message using our contact form and our representative will revert back shortly.

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Our Process

Every step counts!

  • Scriptwriting

    The foremost step is writing the script, which is the formal, written, literary version of the story; including all the actions, character movements, environment, time, and dialogues.

  • Storyboarding

    It is created so that it is easy to visualize the script. It lets the client and animation team estimate the assets and scenes required, which helps in the later part of the production pipeline. It includes early ideas of camera staging, primary character poses, or scene events. The team initiates the process by sketching the characters and scenes with camera angles to establish silhouettes that can translate into 3D animation and create better posing for your characters.

  • Animatics

    These are simplified mock-ups to better visualise the animation's motion, music tonality, and timing. Since 3d animation is a multi-step process, animatics help in visualizing the animated video before you get into the other legs of a project.

  • 3D Modelling & Rigging
    Once the storyboard has been finalized, the 3d modelling team starts creating the required assets for the video. Certain assets also get rigged according to the scene requirement.
  • Animation

    A video is characterized by its motion or animation. The rigged characters come aline on this stage where they can emote through their movements or expressions. All the steps before this are a build up for this step.

  • Rendering & Compositing
    This is a critical process in the 3D animation pipeline since it requires the most amount of compute power. Once different scenes and sequences have been rendered, then they are composited together to deliver the final animation.
  • Sound Design
    In order to enhance the emotional impact of the scene and the dramatic narrative, different sound effects are used, comprising orchestral, instrumental, or choral pieces.