Creating engaging content with whiteboard animation video

March 19th, 2023

Tags: Custom Sound Design, Script Writing, Storyboarding

Service: White Board Animation


Whiteboard animation is an animated video style where illustrations are made with the help of software. Illustrations keep appearing on the screen as they are drawn. This video style typically has a narrator who describes the visuals in each frame.

Whiteboard animation production today is simple with reasonably priced services.

You must be familiar with the explainer videos on youtube where the concept was presented through illustrations drawn out on a whiteboard. If not, you must have seen your favorite YouTuber's ‘draw my life’ video. When they draw their journey on the whiteboard as an animation, the animations are always accompanied by a voice-over.

This is a popular video format especially in storytelling and videos for academic purposes. According to research, consumers of whiteboard animations, featuring illustrations made on a computerized whiteboard, could recall 15% more content than viewers of "talking head" video footage. Your business's conversion rate may go up as a result.

What is a whiteboard animation video?

A whiteboard animation feels like a sequence of static images drawn on the screen and is explained by a voiceover to guide the audience through the subject or story being illustrated. This ensures that your word will be effectively communicated.

Visual information is processed by the human brain like no other. Videos that use a whiteboard animation communicate ideas simply and vividly. Furthermore, the engaging voiceover reinforces the illustrations.

Our process of Creating engaging content with whiteboard animation video:

Video Intent

First of all, we gather up our team to inquire and understand our client’s goal with the video. Thus ensuring to honor your vision and goals with the video


The script and outline for the whiteboard animation video are prepared. A lot of storytelling is employed to create interesting, powerful videos. The story is the heart of the video. We ensure that the script has a hook, a compelling narrative, and a call to action.

At each step, we involve our clients and encourage their feedback. The script gives an idea of how the visuals would be in the video.

If you are writing a script for whiteboard animation and want to get professionally produced, consult a 2D animation company for a promising result


The storyboard helps in visualizing the outcome with utmost clarity. We keep our clients as well as our team informed of the process through the storyboard. The clients can suggest changes much more easily with this stage.

We list the images, colors, and animated characters to use for each voice-over segment. Having a storyboard prepared helps in matching it with the script’s intent.


It’s the next step after storyboarding. Using storyboard images background music, and voice-over, we create animatics to show how a series of events will play out in motion.

Appropriate Font

We use a font style that complements the brand and narrative tone.

Professional Voiceover

We curate a professional voiceover ensuring the audio supports the viewing experience. It is the technique to establish the attitude, whether business or academic content, as it can pique viewers' attention in the video. We ensure that both the brand's identity and the message it has to deliver must get reflected in the voiceover.

Choose an appropriate animation software

Whiteboard animation software is used to make and edit professional-quality whiteboard videos. They are equipped with a multitude of features. We choose the best whiteboard animation software according to the project.


Now, this is the fun part. Just experience the sketch process by the hired 2D animation company.

Whiteboard animation allows for the use of practically unlimited creative possibilities. It is an excellent format for creatively clarifying complex concepts using storytelling. So give it a try!


Finally, all scenes and frames are composited to produce the finished animation.

2D animation services bring it all together in post-production. The agency arranges the illustrations in sequence and attaches their respective voiceovers. Making the storytelling seamless with the application of appropriate transitions. Thus delivering an engaging whiteboard animation.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboard animation video is a powerful tool for creating engaging and informative content. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can create compelling videos that capture the audience's attention and convey your message effectively. Remember to keep it simple, use humor and emotions, and promote it effectively to reach a wider audience.


Can whiteboard animation video be used for any type of content?

Yes, whiteboard animation video can be used for any type of content, from explaining complex concepts to promoting products or services.

How long should a whiteboard animation video be?

The ideal length for a whiteboard animation video is between 1-3 minutes. Anything longer than that may cause the audience to lose interest.

What software is best for creating whiteboard animation video?

There are several software options available for creating whiteboard animation video, including VideoScribe, Doodly, and Explaindio. The choice depends on the user's preferences and requirements.

Can whiteboard animation video be used for educational purposes?

Yes, whiteboard animation video is a popular tool for educational purposes, as it can help to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging manner.

How can I measure the success of my whiteboard animation video?

The success of a whiteboard animation video can be measured by the number of views, engagement rate, and conversion rate. It's important to track these metrics and adjust the video accordingly to optimize its effectiveness.