Uplift your business with 3D real estate walkthrough videos

September 21st, 2022

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Owning a business and making it work by showing the world is different. It requires multiple marketing strategies and an appropriate course of action. A business strategy can't be used everywhere as different businesses mean additional requirements and needs to get flourished, today, we are focusing on the real estate business. It is a lucrative business that accounts for huge investments, favourable returns, and constant business growth. So we can witness a rise in demand for more properties, creating great competition among realtors. Consider these as words of wisdom if you have a real estate business, you ought to show the world what best you have to offer, making you unique and stand out from the crowd. In real estate, listing videos are the most popular as they are a powerful tool to engage customers. Even if we talk about facts and figures, we can see that real estate listings with videos have received 403% more inquiries than those without videos. To stay ahead of the competition. A real estate video can be the excellent solution technology offers to generate new leads and make your audience aware of your real estate properties.

In architectural renderings, a 3D walkthrough video is very innovative because it allows the client to enjoy the experience of walking through their future home and evaluate its distribution, decoration and spaces, as well as the practicality of the design. But let's first dive deep into knowing what a 3D walkthrough video means, a virtual rendering experience of the home for the potential buyers to see what a house would look like from different angles and directions. A virtual tour differs from a 3D walkthrough. A virtual tour is a video, while a digital 3D walkthrough represents the actual property. A walkthrough video gives a more immersive experience to the viewer so they can get a real sense of what it would be like if they were standing inside the property. It clearly shows how a property will look from a particular angle and position.

What is significant about this kind of walkthrough video is to make it as real as possible. You can make the client will feel fully submerged in the experience. With 3D walkthrough videos, the company can offer some basics where the client can see the house's most important rooms, like the bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen. Others are more advanced, showing other areas, such as the garden and the garage, including the primary spaces. Now let's understand how these walkthrough videos play a crucial role in a real estate project-

The online platform is flooded with property listings, so it is essential to have a competitive edge. More than any other form of content, a 3D video walkthrough creates a distinctive space in the industry, as the real estate industry is a highly competitive one. And with the online platform flooded with property listings, it is essential to have a competitive edge. More than any other form of content, a 3D video walkthrough ultimately allows you to experiment with an already set marketing strategy apart from still images, simple videos, and text.

Accurate interpretation of surroundings

The capability of 3D walkthrough videos to visualize the overall looks of the properties is one of the prominent features that engage the customer to know how the surrounding environment would look. It also enables the designer to integrate essential components like cars, trees, human figures, and even hedges to create a realistic view of the property. If you include virtual tours, buyers will develop a genuine interest in properties. Real estate walkthrough videos will make them feel that this is what they are looking for.


3D walkthrough videos are one of the cost-effective ways for real estate businesses as they make their marketing strategies more impactful and communicative. You can access a suitable service provider with an established client base that offers walkthrough videos at a reasonable price. No external costs and labour are involved in the process.

Saves time

Showing properties to potential clients usually consumes a lot of time as you would need to drive back and forth many times. And that too when there's no guarantee that they will buy. When the buyer sees only half the picture, he is tempted to visit the property to explore the neighbourhood and tour the house. However, a correct 3D walkthrough of the property gives a good feel of the floor plan and the flow of the rooms. If the layout and the surroundings don't appeal to buyers, they will know it without showing, thus saving you all that trip. So, you won't have to entertain buyers who might not be interested in the property after the showing.

More convincing

Purchasing a property is a joint family decision, and a walkthrough video is available 24/7, the buyer can take the tour through the video at any point in time and several times. And those who decide to take the tour can easily imagine living in that house. A 3D walkthrough is like an open house, potential buyers can walk in and inspect every nook and corner as they would in person.

Assures a professional presentation

Suppose you want your business to look professional and earn the confidence of potential buyers by showing the professionalism of the real estate agent or the agency. In that case, you should go for 3D walkthrough videos. The 3D walkthrough allows them to understand the project better and easily understand the value proposition quickly and effectively.


The 3D walkthrough is a new and innovative way for real estate businesses to attract potential buyers and investors. The walkthrough is self-explanatory, boosts sales and saves time. So we have informed you enough about the 3D walkthrough videos to boost sales. It's a marketing tool gives your property a better chance of performing well in a crowded marketplace. It's time to take your real estate business to the next level with STYTCH, contact us, as our team of experts will help your business to grow at a faster pace. Get in touch with STYTCH to know more about what we can do for you.


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