How can explainer videos help your SaaS business?

September 17th, 2022

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The SaaS (software as a service) market has seen a massive jump recently and is projected to create significant industry revenue. However, we can’t ignore the fact that there is still a large set of people who are intimidated by the use of the software. The complexities of SaaS products make the general population lose interest in them. The torrent of technical jargon and information bounces off the layman’s head. Most of the time, people drop the idea of using a Saas product due to a lack of understanding, so to level up engagement, one should use the strategy of personalising it. Personalisation and intuitive products help potential users to know about the beauty of the product, it is essential to transfer the main idea about how a tool can help other businesses or individuals perform their tasks more efficiently than ever before with the tint of creativity.

So just developing great software as a working model and service is not enough, but one should understand what your software does, how to use it, or why it benefits them. A product can be considered extraordinary only when it serves value to the number of people who can understand it. The art and science of the software won’t help you reach new users as it is a tricky and expensive process.

So, how can we grab people’s attention and get them to use your product?

We all know the age-old saying that a picture tells a thousand words.

A video can tell your company's entire story, explain your service to the existing users and generate leads in under 90 seconds. To assure maximum engagement, you should start thinking seriously about how to get users to better understand your software. Creating engaging content that explains:

  • What your software does
  • How to use your software
  • Why your software benefits them

So in this blog, we want you to know the need for explainer videos in growing your business, so give it a read:

1. Marketing

Animated explainer videos are helpful for onboarding customers because they’re proven to reduce churn rates and attract clients. It helps drive potential customers to your website and ensures that your existing customers are not facing any hurdles. So, if you want to create a unique brand value and generate high-quality leads, don't miss the chance to leverage the power of explainer videos in your marketing strategy. Use can use the video format in mainly three ways-

  • Demos
  • Tech Tutorials
  • Advertising

It can be stressful to tell how the software works, but it is easy to show people visually. But at STYTCH, we can help you to turn any software developer’s dream into an animated reality that can provide an overview demo and tech tutorials for new prospects. Consumers want to digest accessible information, and it doesn’t get much easier than watching videos. You don’t even need to play too hard for it. Asana is one of the good examples of using video to help the audience learn about it while marketing it without putting in the extra effort.

2. Helps in building brand identity

As visual creatures, we perceive most of the information and keep it in our memory by associating it with recognisable things. Your branding style should be the most significant association with your software and its services in the consumer’s mind. So invest your time and money in building an impactful brand identity. An explainer video not just helps in sorting technical complexities but also enables a customer to get recognised with your software in a shorter span of time. This is the visual proof of how you can bring out the theme of your product through minimal visual style. This video quickly helps people to know how to draw through the phone by allowing accessible communication.

3. Web traffic SEO

An explainer video not just helps your customer to know about your service or product, but if you use the same video on your website, it will help you to generate traffic. You can increase your web traffic tremendously by embedding a video. Integration of a video in your content leads to more than 50% of your site's appearance. This way, the users will spend more time on your page because of your video. It will lead to a boost in your rankings and organic traffic. Just imagine using game style and sound design to serve the solutions more engagingly. Panorama picked this style and received heavy organic traffic.

4. Small investment with high ROI

An explainer video helps you generate new leads and allows you to retain and strengthen your existing customer base. It is an investment that helps you reap great results in composing loyal customers that will keep using and suggesting your software or product. A special message with your video increases the chances of them taking action. The explainer video serves various purposes in one go, it will not only break down the concepts for your audience, but it will also stick to your viewers' minds. An explainer video helps to gain a great return on investment. This video of Tickera shows how it opened up other commerce getaways by demonstrating all value points in an economical 3D animated style.

5. Convert trial users into paid users

Abandonment is a significant concern in the free trial period, not because they don’t like your product. It can be because they find your software challenging to use, so it becomes your responsibility to convince them to keep using your product by solving their issues. Since you have customers’ email addresses, you can send them videos to dive deeper into your product. You can show them how to use your product, explain why it’s superior and how it solves their problems. This video of StoryChief shows how it serves an essential purpose of managing and organizing all the activities on one platform. A visually rich character design and the interplay between the everyday world of the user and UI builds the confidence of the user to rely on your product.

STYTCH can help achieve success in the SaaS industry with a great message and value proposition, as there’s no easier way to show this value to customers than through video. We create videos for you to differentiate your product from the competition and will attract customers at the top of your funnel. Furthermore, we ensure to educate your customers and promote action further down the buyer journey.