How product videos can help in boosting your sales

January 19th, 2023

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Video always has been more persuasive than text or static images as it can effortlessly establish a connection with customers while showing the benefits of a product engagingly. Creating a brand video or commercial was once an expensive and complicated task that only major companies could afford. But now, thanks to the popularity and growth of video, it's more accessible than ever to strategize, script, film, edit, and publish your video.

There are a handful of primary reasons why video proves to be so popular with both users and marketers. These include:

  • An easier medium for everybody to digest and engage with
  • A chance to give your corporate brand a face and personality
  • The growing prioritization of video by many leading social platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Brands use various types of videos for specific purposes, like brand videos, product videos, explainer videos, how-to videos, lifestyle videos, and testimonial videos. Product videos are those videos which assist in showing the features and benefits of the product in a more interesting manner. They can depict the product with the correct usage, tell the story behind it, and convince customers to buy it without force. A good product video emphasizes how the product alleviates customers' pain points and speaks to their feelings. It counteracts the lack of physical product experience and provides website visitors with an in-depth look at the items they are browsing. This blog will help you to know that the benefits of product videos are not limited to customers only, including them in marketing strategy can evidently result in a jump in sales, but how? Here's the answer to your question:

Turn watchers into buyers

Since the video greatly impacts the purchase decision process, it's not surprising that it can also help you increase your conversion rate. This builds excitement for the product and can even feature your product's adaptability options, boosting its value.

All your brand needs to do is build a video that showcases a heartwarming story revolving around your product. It is quite likely that a delighted watcher will be your next buyer, who might tell about the experience to his friends.

Nike Free running shoe video is one of the most researched product videos that can easily deliver the idea of 'Natural Running Motion' and tempt watchers to buy the product. The video shows how they're designed to emphasize natural movement, which some people find difficult when wearing traditional sneakers. It shows how they underperform because their muscles don't receive enough stimulus from walking around all day long.

More organic traffic

Companies spend countless hours and money trying to get linked to high-quality sites.

Google find out the quality of a website through its bounce rate. Whenever a site drives its visitors away, not staying for long after arriving on a site, they conclude that it needs to be more quality. You can reduce the bounce rate by engaging visitors through interesting videos. Here are some captivating showreel examples to inspire from.

You can check the video of FridaBaby, which always come up with something hilarious and creative. This is one of the best-animated product videos on the list. There is direct refreshing honesty, which talks about the parent's pain points by giving them solutions on how the product can help them. As soon as you devise such an unconventional strategy, you will realise your video is going the right places.

More shareable and clickable

Video content is more likely to get shared by people with friends than any other type of content. Customers love to tap on a video thumbnail, as opposed to something with text content or an image. After all, we humans perceive visual information better than textual data.

To sweeten the deal, your brand's reach automatically shoots up when people "share" the product videos because it achieves visibility by sharing. Later more share equals more clicks which turn into more sales.

The video by Apple for the promotion of their Apple Card serves simplicity over complexity. This video is a suitable example of launching a new product and becoming clickable. The video has a minimalist design and life-like movements that capture viewers' attention from start to finish, most shared among the audience, making it one of the best product demonstration videos.

Video strikes an emotional chord

Videos can convey information very quickly. You can highlight the product's features through video while adding more information through visuals, like how it looks and how you can use it. The aim of the video should be to create a connection with the customers and strikes an emotional chord. You can make the right video only after researching your exact audience type. Building an emotional connection is what makes someone want to engage and purchase from you. Cultivating a likeable and trustworthy relationship helps increase the likelihood of gaining new customers.

This Amazon product video of Canon has beautifully and emotionally connected you and motivates you to follow up on your passion despite the age limit. In this video, a mother follows her passion for photography with Canon gifted by her son, purchasing it from Amazon.

Video captivates

The amount of time users spend watching videos on the internet keeps increasing. Reading long product descriptions seems dull, while watching a video takes little effort. Product videos allow you to engage an audience that may dismiss the information you would otherwise convey through text. It easily attracts and retains the consumer and consequently leads to great engagement.

In this product video, a model shows makeup users how to use the "Caffeine Concealer." The model applies the product while explaining the application method as the video continues. This video captivates the viewers' attention to understand how the product is used in real life and can be included in their daily makeup routine.

Want a video for your brand?

Looking at and analyzing the work of other successful brands is an excellent source of inspiration that presents the perfect opportunity to learn new techniques that can serve as the foundation of your following product videos. So if you want any kind of video for your business, then you can contact Stytch, we offer 2D & 3D animation services and video production. We will help you to create a video strategy that can add value to your brand.


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