Sensor Faucets




Video Production


3D Storyboarding, 3D Modeling, Video Shoot, Script Writing, Pre-Production, Post-Production

Hindware sensor faucets are an intelligent innovation that not only looks good but also high on account & performance. We produced a video for the Hindware Sensor Faucet collection. Shot in a limbo space to keep the focus on the storyline and product feature. We handled scripting, 3D storyboarding, set design, casting, editing and color grading. We confronted the challenge of showing how technology can make human life more efficient and effective. So we decided to film these sensor faucets in a way that reminds us of moments when we overlook personal hygiene by turning off the same knob multiple times. So we talk about switching on the sensor faucet to bring a healthy change for yourself and the ones you love. We objectively yet meaningfully express the household culture of using touch-based water taps and the alarming nature of it. The video raises an important issue and resolution for it.

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